True Happiness Is A Choice

Objective & Mission

Happy Life Project Hub is created for the purpose of sharing the core project objective of  make life better for every person who voluntarily choose to participate. Apart from elevating the quality and lifestyle of every participant in the Happy Life Project, people who are close and dear to the participants too will similarly be blessed.

Happy Life Project Hub is dedicated to touch one person a time with our unique life transforming program activities, so that more people will have true happiness and in turn bless many people else worldwide.

What is true happiness to you ?

What makes you happy? Where does your complete happiness live? Is it expensive? Is it real or fantasy? Is it reachable? What is the true spirit of your personality? What is deep inside your heart, mind and soul? What is your passion for life?

If you are honest and true to yourself, you know having money alone is not sufficient to provide you with the level of real happiness in life you are seeking. Shortage of quality personal time at will to enjoy what you love to do most could be a damper to your happiness; while lack of good health could be another contributing factor.

If we were to ask you, between Money, Time and Health, which of these is the No 1 priority in your life right now? What will your answer be?

The ” no gain ” path of life most people traveled

From the numerous conversations we had had with people from all walks of life, eight out of 10 picked Health as their No.1! Interestingly, they were not facing any present health challenge. Of the rest, most  chose Money and some chose Time.

A overall pattern of choices was somewhat formed if we analyse the responses more closely. To the early baby boomers above 50s, “health” seemed to be their top priority. For the late baby boomers in the 40-50 age band, “time” were more prominent. Generation X and Generation Y respondents somehow skewed toward “money” as their top priority.

Well, it should be no surprise at all. The returns just confirmed the “age old” track that most people are taking in living their lives. Simply put, most people give up a lot of their time when young, including precious time with children or loved ones, trying to make enough money to attain their lives’ dream. They work so hard that they compromised on their health and well-being for accumulating wealth. Then at the later stage of their lives, they would have to spend a great part of, if not all of their hard-earned money to keep themselves  alive against the common degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer etc.

People who followed the “age old” path actually gained nothing from their toil and sweat – they made themselves the temporary custodians of some transient wealth. The price for taking the “well traveled” route  is often exorbitant for most of the “travelers”. Instead of enjoying life, they traded the prime years of their lives for poorer health during the golden years. The quality of life also took a beating as well. Therefore, any wise person should pay heed to this “no gain” aged practice and seek new frontier to stay away from the vicious circle of common life.

“If not the old path, how else can I live ?”

Sometimes, we got retorts like : “Yes, I am aware of the irony of swapping my health for money which eventually I won’t possess, but I know not any other avenue to beat the odds !” or  ”My medical insurance agent had highlighted that to me, that’s why I took up a 30 years installment plan to cover the contingency !” or  ”I can only hope for the best and leave my life to God, I could not predict with any degree of certainty what my hard-work will bring to me !”

Sad indeed if you share any of the above gloomy outlook. Well, your life doesn’t have to be so melancholic, you can get on the bright and sunny side if you are open enough to consider some unorthodox solution. Happy Life Project Hub offers a unique predictive solution to this near-universal dilemma. The opportunity may or may not be for you … But, how would you know if you don’t first find out ? Will you give yourself the chance to explore ?

What is Happy Life Project ?

Happy Life Project is essentially designed to empower you to gain back ‘control’ of your life. “Control” is one of the causes of happiness. The more control you have, the happier you become. Conversely, if you are out of control or lose control, you often become unhappy.

For example, you were in high spirits over the prospect of sealing a million dollar deal and were rushing to the contract signing appointment but you were caught in a kilometer long static traffic jam. You were certain that you would not make it in time. Could you still be in high spirits? Your mood sunk because you had no control over the traffic situation.

Let’s consider another scenario, you were in a upmarket boutique and you spotted a particular outfit you loved at first sight. Upon checking the price tag, it was $1,000 more than what you could afford; you felt dejected but then your mobile rang and you were informed by your company that an extraordinary performance bonus of $1,000 was credited to your account which made your dreamed purchase possible. Would you not be happy and overjoyed because you gained back the control of ownership on the outfit?

Taking recognition of this fact, Happy Life Project is therefore structured as a special vehicle for you to have more control over your own life especially in the area of finance, time and health. When these 3 areas are within your full control, happiness will naturally be at high level for you!

What will you gain?

When you take on the Happy Life Project, the benefits to you are :-

  • You set your own timeline. You are in 100% control when to complete the project.
  • You write your own pay cheque. There is no preset limit for you.
  • You decide your working hour. No one will boss you around.
  • You choose with whom you like to deal. No more undue stress.
  • You can involve your loved ones. Foster better bonding among inner circle members.
  • You gain better health. You are able to prevent, arrest or even reverse degenerative health challenges.
  • You can extend help to others who are in need. You have no fear of depleting your own resources.
  • You can experience your transformation quickly. Less than 2 years is the norm.

If you like to attain true happiness and to enjoy the benefits that Happy Life Project offers you, just register yourself and leave your request in the comment box below. An assessment questionnaire will be mailed to you to help you kick start your project. ACT NOW!

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